Luxury Sanitaryware & Premium Kitchen Fittings from Grotto

GROTTO was formerly a word with fundamental meaning as a Natural Cave with impressive or attractively casted rocks. The concept has been travelling around the European region for over centuries. With industrialisation advancing at large, the thought of Grotto enhanced as a Personal Retreat.

Grotto is your bathroom and kitchen solution brand that seeks to transform these private places of yours into picturesque havens. Escalate the aesthetics of your home with a wide range of minimalistic and top products that will not only redefine your experience but also radiate luxury. We have blended technology with art, mixed efficient water management systems with supreme artistry and created an assortment for you that is sure to complement your home’s décor. With Grotto, your kitchen and bathroom can dawn a modern look, one that establishes the true meaning of luxury living.


Grotto is reimagined in the modern time where the natural essence of cave is brought into your bathroom space. The collection defines simplicity, sophistication and class in the truest sense. Our products are minimalistic in design and adorned with technology that makes them the ideal choice.

Grotto brings to you Scandinavian-inspired bathroom and kitchen fittings that readily stand out in the originality department. Every product you pick for your home has the mark of Grotto’s assured quality along with the touch of our supreme creativity. We elevate the benchmark by keeping the modern bathroom accessories rooted in simplicity, yet we do not hold back when it comes to adding sophistication. When you opt for Grotto, expect nothing but the best for your home.

We redefine the word beauty. We make your bathroom and kitchen contemporary. Scan through our collection of technology-infused pieces of art and stand astounded with the variety we have on offer. For building your exquisite home, think Grotto.

The Grotto International Water commitment

Water is a fast depleting reserve across the earth and it’s getting more scarce by the day. Grotto is conscious that its business revolves around the use of water. We are focused on technology that attempts to use minimum water for maximum pleasure thereby getting all our customers to be responsible in water consumption.

As a responsible corporate citizens, Grotto participates in various activities across globe through a variety of water interventions with local responsible partners towards building a sustainable society.

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Grotto Kitchen
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